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Nov. 1, 2016


  1. Environmental pollution causing a series of fish death in the Central provinces – since the beginning of April, 2016 – has been a tremendous disaster resulting in a serious long-term impact for the country and the people of Vietnam.

2. The catastrophe was caused by Formosa, a Taiwan-based company that released hazardous waste into the sea. While it has accepted to compensate 500 million dollars, compared to the massive destruction of the environment and the horrible harm to human welfare, it is a very insignificant figure.

  1. Meanwhile, Vietnamese communist authorities prove to be completely irresponsible and are lacking the ability and willingness to resolve the problem in accord with the international law on the environment which can be summarized as follows (according to the UN Resolutions on the Conservation of Nature in 1962 General Assembly): “The right to live in healthy environment is the principle pillar, is the natural right of man, be recognized by the international community … That is the right to live with permissible quality, is guaranteed in terms of hygiene, be in harmony with nature … to live in an unpolluted area, not degraded”.
  1. Compatriots and Christians in the Central provinces of Vietnam have maintained, in accordance with the international conventions on the environment, to ensure their right to life and to protection in a safe environment as mentioned above. However, communist authorities – totally defying moral obligation as well as international law – have been preventing, threatening, persecuting and slandering the fishermen who have filed complaints against Formosa, as well as the religious leaders who have guided the fishermen for the lawsuits. Recently, the Vietnamese authorities have even rejected their complaints.
  1. In addition to natural rainstorms, the authorities were irresponsible and released water from the Ho Ho dam, Huong Khe district, Ha Tinh province – causing hundreds of thousands of people to live through harsh conditions and dozens of people died.
  1. Furthermore, the authorities continue to arrest and imprison those who advocate for civil rights and basic human rights, including the right to live in a healthy environment and be treated in a proper way. The Vietnamese communist authorities have imposed economic sanctions on the families of the activists.

In the face of such tragic circumstances, the United Council of Vietnamese in Homeland and Overseas solemnly declares: 

  1. Absolutely support the legitimate actions (such as demonstrations and lawsuits) to implement environmental rights and the right to fair compensation for damage caused by ecological disaster.
  1. Strongly condemns Formosa Corporation and every group or individual concerned who have caused serious pollution disaster in the Central provinces and elsewhere and request them to reimburse adequately the victims and that they be brought to criminal justice in accordance with international law.
  1. Strongly oppose communist authorities who have not only not resolved this matter in the light of their moral obligations and international laws but have more importantly oppressed compatriots who exercise their rights and have arrested those who speak out for these rights. We demand therefore the immediate release of Ms. Nguyen Ngoc Nhu Quynh (blogger Me Nam) and all activists for civil rights and other human rights.
  1. Urgently calls upon the compatriots at home and abroad to actively support humanitarian and legal assistance in event of environmental catastrophe and to support the lawsuits demanding fairness in the Central provinces of Vietnam.
  1. Respectfully request countries, humanitarian organizations, the International Criminal Court (ICC) to help the people of Central provinces as well as the people of Vietnam in general to enjoy basic human rights, to be restored a normal life, and to be fairly reimbursed.

Executed in Vietnam and Overseas Nov. 1, 2016



– Priest Nguyen Van Ly, Vietnam.

– Venerable Thich Minh Tuyen, U.S.A.


– Most Venerable Thich Khong Tanh, Co-chair of the Interfaith Council of Vietnam.

– Priest Phan Van Loi, Co-chair of the Interfaith Council of Vietnam.

– Rev. Hua Phi, Co-chair of the Interfaith Council of Vietnam.

– Rev. Le Van Soc, Co-chair of the Interfaith Council of Vietnam.

– Pastor Nguyen Hoang Hoa, Co-chair of the Interfaith Council of Vietnam.

– Dr. Huu Dinh Vo, President, Board of Representatives, Federation of Vietnamese American Communities of the USA (Fed. VAC USA)

– Dr. Hoi Van Do, President, Board of Executives, Fed. VAC USA.

– Mr. Tuoi Van Luu, President, Supervisory Council, Fed. VAC USA.

– Mr. Nguyen Van Tanh, Chairman of the International Cultural Parade Committee.

– Sub-dignitary Tran Viet Hung, MPPPA, General Secretary of the United Caodai Tayninh Holy See Overseas.

– Mr. Cao Xuan Khai, Vice-chairman of the Fellowship Association of the Vietnamese Political and Religious Prisoners.

– Mr. Tran Van Dong, Compliance Committee of the Vietnamese Canadian Federation.

– Mr. Tran Ngoc Binh, the Cultural Center of Vancouver, Canada.

– Dr. Hoang Thi My Lam, Chairwoman of the Inter-Associations of Vietnamese Refugees of Republic of Germany.

– Mr. Pham Tran Anh, Chairman, the Contemporary Dien Hong Movement.


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