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[5-15-2019] US Says Vietnam Blocks Dissidents From Contact With Rights Delegation

[5-14-2019] Jailed Vietnamese Activist Nguyen Van Hoa is Attacked, Put in Solitary

[5-10-2019] Jailed Vietnam Blogger is Returned to Mental Hospital, Forcibly Medicated

[4-10-2019] Vietnamese Boy Refuses to Support Government Propaganda Justifying His Forced Eviction

[4-9-2019] Retired Vietnamese Official Caught Allegedly Molesting Girl in Elevator

[4-2-2019] Vietnamese Prison Refuses to Mail Jailed Activist’s Appeal Request

[3-22-2019] Vietnam Broke Its Own Laws in Arrest of Blogger Spirited from Thailand-Experts

[3-20-2019] RFA Blogger Who Disappeared in Bangkok is Being Held in Hanoi, Says Daughter

[3-15-2019] Human Rights Watch Calls For Immediate Release of Six Jailed Vietnamese Activists

[3-12-2019] NGO Hits Back at Vietnam’s Denials of Rights Abuses

[2-26-2019] Vietnamese Activists Kept Under Wraps During US-North Korea Summit in Hanoi

[2-5-2019] Radio Free Asia Vietnamese Blogger Missing Amid Abduction Reports

[1-30-2019] Video of Alleged Police Beating in Vietnam Goes Viral

[1-10-2019] Homes Destroyed, Residents Evicted in Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh City

[1-9-2019] Jailed Vietnamese Environmental Activist in Declining Health-Brother

[12-28-2018] Vietnamese Activist Given Five-Year, Six-Month Prison Term for Defaming Government

[12-20-2018] Vietnam: Big Brother Is Watching Everyone – Draft Cyber Security Decree Will Seriously Undermine Rights

[12-07-2018] Jailed Vietnam Activist Punished for Not Pleading Guilty

[11-30-2018] Vietnamese Blogger to Serve Almost Three Years For Defacing Flag

[11-20-2018] Human Rights Watch Urges Vietnam to End Crackdown on Freedom of Expression

[11-14-2018] Vietnam’s ‘Consistent Policy’ is to Pressure Political Prisoners Into Exile: Freed Blogger

[11-9-2018] Vietnamese Police Torch Farm Equipment of Dissident Religious Figure

[11-2-2018] Vietnamese Blogger, Rights Activist Vy to be Tried on Flag Affront Charges

[10-24-2018] Letter: Jailed Vietnamese Activist Nguyen Van Hoa Suffers Abuse in Prison

[10-24-2018] Jailed Vietnamese Dissident’s Husband Files Second Protection Plea

[10-23-2018] Jailed Vietnamese Activist in Failing Health, Unable to Walk

[10-17-2018] Vietnamese Blogger Mother Mushroom Released, Exiled to US

[10-12-2018] Jailed Vietnamese Activist Sentenced to Five More Years on Separate Charge

[10-5-2018] Vietnamese Activists Given Long Prison Terms After One-Day Trial

[10-3-2018] Vietnam: End Repression Against Activists – Vietnam National Self-Determination Coalition Members on Trial

[09-26-2018] Vietnam Jails 15 Protesters For Violent Demonstration in Binh Thuan Province

[09-25-2018] Five Vietnamese Activists Will go on Trial in October

[09-17-2018] Vietnam’s Rights Violations Put Trade Deal with EU at Risk

[09-12-2018] Vietnam: Drop Long Prison Sentence Against Activist – Appeals Court Should Defy Ruling Party, Release Democracy Campaigner

[09-10-2018] Vietnam: Drop Charges Against Rights Campaigner – Brotherhood for Democracy Member on Trial

[09-07-2018] Three Vietnamese Facebook Users Missing, Feared Detained

[08-27-2018] Vietnamese Businessman in ‘Good Health’ Dies in Police Custody

[08-23-2018] Another Activist Beaten by Police

[08-23-2018] Concern for Vietnamese Blogger Pham Doan Trang After Police Beating, Harassment

[08-16-2018] Vietnamese Activist Given 20-Year Term For Seeking Regime ‘Overthrow’

[08-10-2018] US Lawmakers Call on Vietnam to Release Detained American Citizen

[08-09-2018] Vietnamese Blogger, Rights Activist Detained by Police

[07-30-2018] Twenty Sentenced in Vietnam For Their Role in June 10 SEZ Protests

[07-26-2018] Vietnam: Drop Charges Against Environmental Activist – Rights Campaigner Le Dinh Luong Faces Harsh Sentence

[07-24-2018] Vietnamese Blogger Mother Mushroom’s Health Condition Unclear Amid Hunger Strike

[07-23-2018] UN Should Press Vietnam to Release Political Prisoners, Honor Rights Pledge: HRW

[07-20-2018] Vietnam’s Censorship Expands to Popular, Official News Website

[07-18-2018] Vietnam: US Citizen in Televised ‘Confession’ – American on Trial Before Party-Controlled Court

[07-17-2018] US Lawmakers Urge Facebook, Google Not to Comply With Vietnam Cybersecurity Law

[07-12-2018] Vietnamese Blogger Mother Mushroom Moved From Cell, Still Refuses Food

[07-11-2018] US Calls on Vietnam to Free Jailed Rights Activists, Other ‘Prisoners of Conscience’

[06-19-2018] In Vietnam, distrust of government’s China policy fuels protests

[06-13-2018] Hundreds of Vietnamese Protestors Arrested, Beaten During Nationwide Demonstrations, Crackdown Continues

[05-27-2018] Japan: Urge Vietnam to Respect Human Rights

[05-17-2018] Provincial Police Level Phony Charges Against Vietnamese Catholics Attacked by Thugs


[05-15-2018] Vietnamese Party Member Given Suspended Sentence For Child Molestation
[05-11-2018] Catholic Nuns Beaten in Vietnam in Protest Over Disputed Land
[05-08-2018] Vietnamese Catholics Petition Police Over ‘Cover Up’ For Officials Who Ordered Attack
[04-24-2018] Vietnamese Environmental Activist’s Sentence Upheld on Appeal

[04-20-2018] Hundreds of Villagers Hold Officials Hostage Over Vietnam Power Plant Plans
[04-12-2018] Vietnam Jails 3 More Democracy Activists, Drawing Condemnation From Rights Defenders
[04-10-2018] Criticized by Activists, Facebook Denies Favoring Vietnam Government in Content Policies
[04-09-2018] Vietnamese Activists, Journalists Cry Foul After Being Hit by Facebook’s Takedown Policy

[04-05-2018] Six Vietnamese Activists Sentenced For ‘Subversion’ in Hanoi Trial

[04-04-2018] HRW: Vietnam: Drop Charges Against Human Rights Defenders

[04-04-2018] International Organizations Demand Release of Six Vietnamese Activists Ahead of ‘Subversion’ Trial

[03-29-2018] As Vietnam Clamps Down, Hanoi Artist Sings Out

[03-28-2018] Rights Group Urges US Attention to Vietnam’s ‘Red Flags’ Groups

[03-27-2018] Vietnam Briefly Detains Dissident Singer After European Tour

[03-26-2018] Online Vietnam Democracy Group Slams Government Move to Try Dissidents

[03-22-2018] Vietnam Transfers Political Prisoner Tran Thi Nga to Jail Far From Her Home Province

[03-20-2018] Attack on Hmong Christians Underscores Vietnam Religious Freedom Shortcomings

[03-19-2018] Vietnam Transfers Political Prisoner Nguyen Van Oai to Remote Jail

[03-15-2018] Police Detain And Beat Vietnamese Activist Over China Battle Memorial

[03-01-2018] State-Linked Thugs in Vietnam Attack Parents Questioning School Fees

[03-01-2018] Vietnamese Democracy Advocate’s Health Failing in Prison, Wife Says

[02-28-2018] ‘I Won’t Leave Vietnam,’ Detained Blogger Says, Promising to Stay to Work For Change

[02-27-2018] Jailed Vietnamese Activist in ‘Good Spirits’ And Set to Appeal His Sentence

[02-27-2018] Well-known Vietnamese journalist hounded, facing imminent arrest

[02-26-2018] Vietnamese Activist Blogger Placed Under House Arrest in Hanoi

[02-12-2018] Vietnam: Jailed Vietnamese Blogger Mother Mushroom in Poor Health

[02-12-2018] Vietnamese Authorities Transfer Jailed Blogger Mother Mushroom to Remote Prison

[02-09-2018] Hoa Hao Buddhist Family, Friends Handed Prison Terms in Vietnam

[02-07-2018] Hoa Hao Buddhists to be Tried in Vietnam For ‘Disrupting Public Order’

[02-07-2018] Jailed Vietnamese Blogger Mother Mushroom in Poor Health

[02-07-2018] Vietnam: Activist jailed for for livestreaming pollution march

[02-06-2018] Vietnamese Environmental Activists Handed Prison Terms in Nghe An

[02-06-2018] Vietnam jails environmental blogger for 14 years

[02-03-2018]  Vietnam: Four Vietnamese Southern Dissidents Convicted of “Conducting Anti-state Propaganda,” Sentenced to Total 31 Years in Prison

[02-02-2018] Vietnam jails blogger for anti-state propaganda
[02-02-2018] Vietnam Hands Blogger Ho Van Hai Four-Year Jail Term For ‘Anti-State Propaganda’
[02-02-2018] Trafficked, beaten, enslaved: the life of a Vietnamese cannabis farmer
[01-31-2018] Vietnam jails 3 activists for comments critical of state
[01-28-2018] Pre-trial Detention of Vietnamese Retired Teacher Dao Quang Thuc Likely Extended
[01-25-2018] Vietnam Jails Four for Flying Flag of ‘Saigon Regime’
[01-25-2018] Fishermen Again Protest in Central Vietnam Over 2016 Toxic Spill Payout
[01-24-2018] Vietnam: Crackdown on Rights Activists
[01-23-2018] Thailand: Imminent risk of deportation of Cambodian and Vietnamese UNHCR- recognised refugees
[01-21-2018] Vietnam: Renewed Crackdown on Rights Bloggers, Activists
[01-20-2018] US Exit from Trade Pact Was Followed by Sweeping Vietnam Rights Crackdown: HRW
[01-20-2018] Interview: ‘They Are Very Sick But The Illness Cannot Be Treated With Medicine’
[01-19-2018] Human Rights Watch Report in 2017: Vietnam

[01-18-2018] Court upholds five year prison sentence for Nguyen Van Oai

[01-16-2018] Vietnam Seeks Upper Hand on Dissent with Rules On Foreign Internet Services

[01-14-2018] Vietnam: Drop Charges Against Nguyen Van Oai

[01-12-2018] Christian persecution: Vietnam ranks 18th in the world
[01-12-2018] Denouncing Vietnamese authorities for preventing Brotherhood for Democracy members to their right to legal access

[01-08-2018] Vietnam’s Human Rights Report 2017: Government Intensifies Crackdown on Local Activists

[01-02-2018] Muted cry for good governance in Vietnam

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