Human Rights Violations in Vietnam

(Vi phạm nhân quyền tại Việt Nam)


(This section is presented by Vietnam Human Rights Network)

  • [2023-11-16] Vietnam police arrest outspoken official

    The police in Vietnam’s Thai Binh province have detained a former National Assembly delegate known for his outspoken views. They issued an arrest warrant for Luu Binh Nhuong on Nov. 14 along with an order to search his home.

  • [2023-11-02] Unofficial Vietnamese church members languish in detention

    Four members of an unofficial church in southern Vietnam’s Dak Lak province who invited the country’s newly appointed president to attend their services remained in custody Thursday, in violation of a law that requires detainees be released within three days, said a religious watchdog group.

  • [2023-11-02] 2023 U.S.-Vietnam Human Rights Dialogue

    The 27th U.S.-Vietnam Human Rights Dialogue was held November 1-2 in Washington DC. Senior Official for the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor Erin Barclay and H.E. Mr. PHAM Hai Anh, Head of delegation, Director-General, Department of International Organizations, Ministry of Foreign Affairs led their respective delegations in the dialogue.

  • [2023-09-13] Vietnam releases activist 18 months early

    Vietnamese authorities have released independent journalist Mai Phan Loi 18 months before the end of his 45-month sentence, a family friend told Radio Free Asia this week. Loi was freed on Sunday, the day U.S. President Joe Biden arrived in Hanoi for two days of meetings with Vietnamese leaders.

[5-15-2019] US Says Vietnam Blocks Dissidents From Contact With Rights Delegation

[5-14-2019] Jailed Vietnamese Activist Nguyen Van Hoa is Attacked, Put in Solitary

[5-10-2019] Jailed Vietnam Blogger is Returned to Mental Hospital, Forcibly Medicated

[4-10-2019] Vietnamese Boy Refuses to Support Government Propaganda Justifying His Forced Eviction

[4-9-2019] Retired Vietnamese Official Caught Allegedly Molesting Girl in Elevator

[4-2-2019] Vietnamese Prison Refuses to Mail Jailed Activist’s Appeal Request

[3-22-2019] Vietnam Broke Its Own Laws in Arrest of Blogger Spirited from Thailand-Experts

[3-20-2019] RFA Blogger Who Disappeared in Bangkok is Being Held in Hanoi, Says Daughter

[3-15-2019] Human Rights Watch Calls For Immediate Release of Six Jailed Vietnamese Activists

[3-12-2019] NGO Hits Back at Vietnam’s Denials of Rights Abuses

[2-26-2019] Vietnamese Activists Kept Under Wraps During US-North Korea Summit in Hanoi

[2-5-2019] Radio Free Asia Vietnamese Blogger Missing Amid Abduction Reports

[1-30-2019] Video of Alleged Police Beating in Vietnam Goes Viral

[1-10-2019] Homes Destroyed, Residents Evicted in Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh City

[1-9-2019] Jailed Vietnamese Environmental Activist in Declining Health-Brother

[12-28-2018] Vietnamese Activist Given Five-Year, Six-Month Prison Term for Defaming Government

[12-20-2018] Vietnam: Big Brother Is Watching Everyone – Draft Cyber Security Decree Will Seriously Undermine Rights

[12-07-2018] Jailed Vietnam Activist Punished for Not Pleading Guilty

[11-30-2018] Vietnamese Blogger to Serve Almost Three Years For Defacing Flag

[11-20-2018] Human Rights Watch Urges Vietnam to End Crackdown on Freedom of Expression

[11-14-2018] Vietnam’s ‘Consistent Policy’ is to Pressure Political Prisoners Into Exile: Freed Blogger

[11-9-2018] Vietnamese Police Torch Farm Equipment of Dissident Religious Figure

[11-2-2018] Vietnamese Blogger, Rights Activist Vy to be Tried on Flag Affront Charges

[10-24-2018] Letter: Jailed Vietnamese Activist Nguyen Van Hoa Suffers Abuse in Prison

[10-24-2018] Jailed Vietnamese Dissident’s Husband Files Second Protection Plea

[10-23-2018] Jailed Vietnamese Activist in Failing Health, Unable to Walk

[10-17-2018] Vietnamese Blogger Mother Mushroom Released, Exiled to US

[10-12-2018] Jailed Vietnamese Activist Sentenced to Five More Years on Separate Charge

[10-5-2018] Vietnamese Activists Given Long Prison Terms After One-Day Trial

[10-3-2018] Vietnam: End Repression Against Activists – Vietnam National Self-Determination Coalition Members on Trial

[09-26-2018] Vietnam Jails 15 Protesters For Violent Demonstration in Binh Thuan Province

[09-25-2018] Five Vietnamese Activists Will go on Trial in October

[09-17-2018] Vietnam’s Rights Violations Put Trade Deal with EU at Risk

[09-12-2018] Vietnam: Drop Long Prison Sentence Against Activist – Appeals Court Should Defy Ruling Party, Release Democracy Campaigner

[09-10-2018] Vietnam: Drop Charges Against Rights Campaigner – Brotherhood for Democracy Member on Trial

[09-07-2018] Three Vietnamese Facebook Users Missing, Feared Detained

[08-27-2018] Vietnamese Businessman in ‘Good Health’ Dies in Police Custody

[08-23-2018] Another Activist Beaten by Police

[08-23-2018] Concern for Vietnamese Blogger Pham Doan Trang After Police Beating, Harassment

[08-16-2018] Vietnamese Activist Given 20-Year Term For Seeking Regime ‘Overthrow’

[08-10-2018] US Lawmakers Call on Vietnam to Release Detained American Citizen

[08-09-2018] Vietnamese Blogger, Rights Activist Detained by Police

[07-30-2018] Twenty Sentenced in Vietnam For Their Role in June 10 SEZ Protests

[07-26-2018] Vietnam: Drop Charges Against Environmental Activist – Rights Campaigner Le Dinh Luong Faces Harsh Sentence

[07-24-2018] Vietnamese Blogger Mother Mushroom’s Health Condition Unclear Amid Hunger Strike

[07-23-2018] UN Should Press Vietnam to Release Political Prisoners, Honor Rights Pledge: HRW

[07-20-2018] Vietnam’s Censorship Expands to Popular, Official News Website

[07-18-2018] Vietnam: US Citizen in Televised ‘Confession’ – American on Trial Before Party-Controlled Court

[07-17-2018] US Lawmakers Urge Facebook, Google Not to Comply With Vietnam Cybersecurity Law

[07-12-2018] Vietnamese Blogger Mother Mushroom Moved From Cell, Still Refuses Food

[07-11-2018] US Calls on Vietnam to Free Jailed Rights Activists, Other ‘Prisoners of Conscience’

[06-19-2018] In Vietnam, distrust of government’s China policy fuels protests

[06-13-2018] Hundreds of Vietnamese Protestors Arrested, Beaten During Nationwide Demonstrations, Crackdown Continues

[05-27-2018] Japan: Urge Vietnam to Respect Human Rights

[05-17-2018] Provincial Police Level Phony Charges Against Vietnamese Catholics Attacked by Thugs


[05-15-2018] Vietnamese Party Member Given Suspended Sentence For Child Molestation
[05-11-2018] Catholic Nuns Beaten in Vietnam in Protest Over Disputed Land
[05-08-2018] Vietnamese Catholics Petition Police Over ‘Cover Up’ For Officials Who Ordered Attack
[04-24-2018] Vietnamese Environmental Activist’s Sentence Upheld on Appeal

[04-20-2018] Hundreds of Villagers Hold Officials Hostage Over Vietnam Power Plant Plans
[04-12-2018] Vietnam Jails 3 More Democracy Activists, Drawing Condemnation From Rights Defenders
[04-10-2018] Criticized by Activists, Facebook Denies Favoring Vietnam Government in Content Policies
[04-09-2018] Vietnamese Activists, Journalists Cry Foul After Being Hit by Facebook’s Takedown Policy

[04-05-2018] Six Vietnamese Activists Sentenced For ‘Subversion’ in Hanoi Trial

[04-04-2018] HRW: Vietnam: Drop Charges Against Human Rights Defenders

[04-04-2018] International Organizations Demand Release of Six Vietnamese Activists Ahead of ‘Subversion’ Trial

[03-29-2018] As Vietnam Clamps Down, Hanoi Artist Sings Out

[03-28-2018] Rights Group Urges US Attention to Vietnam’s ‘Red Flags’ Groups

[03-27-2018] Vietnam Briefly Detains Dissident Singer After European Tour

[03-26-2018] Online Vietnam Democracy Group Slams Government Move to Try Dissidents

[03-22-2018] Vietnam Transfers Political Prisoner Tran Thi Nga to Jail Far From Her Home Province

[03-20-2018] Attack on Hmong Christians Underscores Vietnam Religious Freedom Shortcomings

[03-19-2018] Vietnam Transfers Political Prisoner Nguyen Van Oai to Remote Jail

[03-15-2018] Police Detain And Beat Vietnamese Activist Over China Battle Memorial

[03-01-2018] State-Linked Thugs in Vietnam Attack Parents Questioning School Fees

[03-01-2018] Vietnamese Democracy Advocate’s Health Failing in Prison, Wife Says

[02-28-2018] ‘I Won’t Leave Vietnam,’ Detained Blogger Says, Promising to Stay to Work For Change

[02-27-2018] Jailed Vietnamese Activist in ‘Good Spirits’ And Set to Appeal His Sentence

[02-27-2018] Well-known Vietnamese journalist hounded, facing imminent arrest

[02-26-2018] Vietnamese Activist Blogger Placed Under House Arrest in Hanoi

[02-12-2018] Vietnam: Jailed Vietnamese Blogger Mother Mushroom in Poor Health

[02-12-2018] Vietnamese Authorities Transfer Jailed Blogger Mother Mushroom to Remote Prison

[02-09-2018] Hoa Hao Buddhist Family, Friends Handed Prison Terms in Vietnam

[02-07-2018] Hoa Hao Buddhists to be Tried in Vietnam For ‘Disrupting Public Order’

[02-07-2018] Jailed Vietnamese Blogger Mother Mushroom in Poor Health

[02-07-2018] Vietnam: Activist jailed for for livestreaming pollution march

[02-06-2018] Vietnamese Environmental Activists Handed Prison Terms in Nghe An

[02-06-2018] Vietnam jails environmental blogger for 14 years

[02-03-2018]  Vietnam: Four Vietnamese Southern Dissidents Convicted of “Conducting Anti-state Propaganda,” Sentenced to Total 31 Years in Prison

[02-02-2018] Vietnam jails blogger for anti-state propaganda
[02-02-2018] Vietnam Hands Blogger Ho Van Hai Four-Year Jail Term For ‘Anti-State Propaganda’
[02-02-2018] Trafficked, beaten, enslaved: the life of a Vietnamese cannabis farmer
[01-31-2018] Vietnam jails 3 activists for comments critical of state
[01-28-2018] Pre-trial Detention of Vietnamese Retired Teacher Dao Quang Thuc Likely Extended
[01-25-2018] Vietnam Jails Four for Flying Flag of ‘Saigon Regime’
[01-25-2018] Fishermen Again Protest in Central Vietnam Over 2016 Toxic Spill Payout
[01-24-2018] Vietnam: Crackdown on Rights Activists
[01-23-2018] Thailand: Imminent risk of deportation of Cambodian and Vietnamese UNHCR- recognised refugees
[01-21-2018] Vietnam: Renewed Crackdown on Rights Bloggers, Activists
[01-20-2018] US Exit from Trade Pact Was Followed by Sweeping Vietnam Rights Crackdown: HRW
[01-20-2018] Interview: ‘They Are Very Sick But The Illness Cannot Be Treated With Medicine’
[01-19-2018] Human Rights Watch Report in 2017: Vietnam

[01-18-2018] Court upholds five year prison sentence for Nguyen Van Oai

[01-16-2018] Vietnam Seeks Upper Hand on Dissent with Rules On Foreign Internet Services

[01-14-2018] Vietnam: Drop Charges Against Nguyen Van Oai

[01-12-2018] Christian persecution: Vietnam ranks 18th in the world
[01-12-2018] Denouncing Vietnamese authorities for preventing Brotherhood for Democracy members to their right to legal access

[01-08-2018] Vietnam’s Human Rights Report 2017: Government Intensifies Crackdown on Local Activists

[01-02-2018] Muted cry for good governance in Vietnam

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