26-04-2014: Florida District 13th Congressional (Florida) Recognition of Freedom and Heritage Flag
26-04-2014: City Of City Of St Petersburg (Florida) Proclamation on Freedom and Heritage Flag
26-04-2014: City Of Pinellas Park (Florida) Proclamation on Freedom and Heritage Flag
11-18-2009: City of Lancaster (Pennsylvania) Proclamation on Freedom and Heritage Flag
02-28-2008: State of Pennsylvania House Resolution on Freedom and Heritage Flag
01-28-2006: City of Allentown (Pennsylvania) Proclamation on Freedom and Heritage Flag
06-08-2005: Minnesota State House Resolution HR 0017
06-01-2005: California State Senate SCR-17 Resolution on Freedom and Heritage Flag
05-18-2005: San Antonio (Texas) Resolution on Freedom and Heritage Flag
05-17-2005: San Jose (California) Resolution on Freedom and Heritage Flag
05-10-2005: Minnesota State Senate Resolution SR 0097
04-12-2005: Pierce County (Washington) Declares April 30th as Black April Day
02-24-2005: State of Oklahoma House/Senate Joint Resolution No. 20 on Vietnamese Flag
02-12-2005: Lansing, Capital of Michigan Proclamation on Vietnamese Flag
02-09-2005: Reading, Pennsylvania City Resolution on Vietnamese Flag
12-16-2004: San Rafael, California City Resolution on Vietnamese Flag
11-28-2004: Fairfield, Sydney (Australia) Vietnamese Flag on permanent display
11-16-2004: Indianapolis (Indiana) City Council Resolution
11-15-2004: Albuquerque (New Mexico) City Council Resolution R-04-156
11-11-2004: Texas State, Travis County and City of Austin Honoring Freedom Flag
11-28-2004: Cabramatta, Australia Honor Vietnamese Freedom Flag
10-29-2004: Florida Governor Jeb Bush Resolution for Freedom Flag
09-07-2004: Missouri (Texas) City Council Resolution
08-24-2004: Sugarland (Texas) City Council Resolution
07-20-2004: Eagle Mountain (Utah) City Council Resolution
07-20-2004: Portland (Oregon) City Council Resolution
07-19-2004: Saint Cloud (Minnesota) City Resolution 2004-7-180
06-28-2004: Beaverton (Oregon) Mayor & City Council Proclamation
06-15-2004: Carollton (Texas) Mayor and City Council Resolution
06-15-2004: Coral Springs (Florida) City Proclamation
06-07-2004: Vancouver (Washington) City Council Resolution
06-03-2004: Seaside (California) City Council Resolution
05-24-2004: Lakewood (Colorado) City Resolution 2004-57
05-13-2004: Tampa (Florida) City Resolution E 2004-15
05-11-2004: Bonney Lake (Washington) City Council Declaration
05-04-2004: West Valley (Utah) City Resolution No. 04-72
04-11-2004: The Governor and Colorado State Senate Resolution
04-30-2004: Saint Louis (Missouri) City Council Resolution 2004-16
04-29-2004: California State Senate ACR 220 declared Black April month
04-20-2004: Tacoma (Washington) City Council Resolution No. 36154
04-20-2004: Kent (Washington) City Council Resolution No. 1667
04-12-2004: Syracure (New York) City Council Resolution
04-05-2004: Minneapolis (Minnesota) City Council Resolution
04-01-2004: The State of Georgia House Resolution No. 1866
03-24-2004: Honolulu (Hawaii) City & County Council Resolution 04-72, CD1
03-24-2004: House of Delegates & Virgiania Senate HB No. 1475
03-16-2004: Fort Wayne (Indiana) City Council Certificate of Recognition
03-16-2004: Biloxi (Mississipi) City Council Resolution
03-15-2004: Orlando (Florida) City Council Resolution
03-10-2004: Richmond (Virginia) City Council Resolution
02-25-2004: Centralia (Washington) City Council Proclamation
02-17-2004: Stockton (California) City Council Resolution No. 04-0093
02-10-2004: South El Monte (California) City Council Resolution
02-09-2004: State of Hawaii Concurrent Resolution No. 22
02-04-2004: Grand Prairie (Texas) City Council Resolution No. 3975
01-27-2004: Pierce County (Washington) Council Resolution No. 2004-19
01-26-2004: University Place (Washington) City Proclamation
01-26-2004: Philadelphia (Pennsylvania) City Council Resolution
01-13-2004: San Diego (California) City Resolution No. R-298764
01-13-2004: Wichita (Kansas) City Council Resolution
01-13-2004: DuPont (Washington) City Resolution No. 03-279
01-10-2004: Lincoln (Nebraska) City Council Resolution
12-16-2003: Fort Worth (Texas) City Resolution No. 03-E-555
12-16-2003: Worcester (Massachusetts) City Council Resolution
12-10-2003: SPSCC Student Senate (Washington) Resolution No. R2003-01
12-08-2003: Lakewood (Washington) City Resolution No. 2003-29
12-01-2003: Puyallup (Washington) City Resolution No. 1834
11-18-2003: Marina (California) City Resolution No. 2003-185
11-11-2003: Port Arthur (Texas) City Resolution No. 12390
11-11-2003: Arlington (Texas) City Council Resolution
11-05-2003: Lawrence (Massachusetts) City Council Resolution
11-03-2003: Clarkston (Georgia) City Council Resolution
11-03-2003: Norcross (Georgia) City Council Resolution
10-28-2003: Rainier (Washington) City Council Resolution
10-28-2003: Lowell (Massachusetts) City Council Resolution
10-21-2003: Olympia (Washington) City Resolution No M-1530
10-20-2003: Doraville (Georgia) City Council Resolution
10-09-2003: Lacey (Washington) City Resolution No. 878
10-08-2003: Quincy (Massachusetts) City Council Resolution
09-30-2003: Grand Rapids (Michigan) City Council Resolution
09-16-2003: Malden (Massachusetts) City Council Resolution
09-15-2003: Rowley (Massachusetts) City Council Resolution
09-16-2003: Tumwater (Washington) City Resolution No. R2003-013
09-16-2003: El Monte (California) City Council Resolution No. 8380
09-10-2003: Oklahoma City (Oklahoma) City Council Resolution
09-08-2003: Springfield (Massachusetts) City Council Resolution
09-02-2003: Garland (Texas) passed Freedom Flag City Resolution No. 9033
07-30-2003: Sacramento (California) City Resolution honor South Vietnamese Flag
07-30-2003: Boston (Massachusetts) City Resolution No. 03-1104
07-22-2003: San Francisco (California) City Resolution No. 03-1220 (Brown vetoed)
07-15-2003: Louisiana House Resolution & Senate Bill No. 839
07-07-2003: Pomona (California) City Resolution No. 2003-140
07-07-2003: Fairfax (Virginia) passed County Resolution honor Freedom Flag
06-24-2003: Saint Paul (Minnesota) City Resolution No. 03-502
06-18-2003: Houston (Texas) City Resolution No. 17-2003
06-09-2003: Pierce County Republican Central Committee Resolution
06-04-2003: Holland (Michigan) City Resolution declared April 30th, Freedom Day
06-03-2003: Santa Clara (California) County Resolution honor Freedom Flag
06-02-2003: Mayor Protem Tran and Councilman Quach Press Release
05-17-2003: Washington State Republican Party Resolution honor Freedom Flag
05-05-2003: Milpitas (California) City Resolution No. 7300 honor Freedom Flag
04-14-2003: Falls Church (Virginia) City Council Resolution No. TR-03-07
04-07-2003: 48th District Republican Central Committee Resolution for Freedom Flag
03-20-2003: California Assembly Concurrent Resolution No. 68 for Freedom Flag
03-11-2003: Garden Grove (California) City Resolution No. 8486-03 for Freedom Flag
02-19-2003: Westminster (California) City Council Resolution No. 3750
06-19-2002: Governor Mark Wagner (Virginia) Declaration honored Freedom Flag

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